Where is BBC Casualty filmed?

Casualty is a hospital drama created by the BBC that focuses on the daily events within the Accident and Emergency department of the fictitious, Holby City Hospital. In the show Holby City Hospital is located in the fictitious city of Holby, in the fictitious county of Wyvern in the South West of England. But as these locations don’t exist, Where is BBC Casualty filmed?

BBC Casualty Filming Location

From the first series broadcast in 1986 to 2011, all external shots of the hospital were filmed in Bristol, England. After 25 years in Bristol the filming of the show moved to a purpose built set in Cardiff in 2011 and remains the current location of the show.

The external shots are recorded on the purpose built external set shown below, with internal shots filmed in the studios on site. You will also find most offsite locations used for accidents in the show are filmed in and around Cardiff. The set is also on the same site used for filming other BBC shows such as DR Who and Sherlock.

Where is BBC Casualty filmed
Casualty Set – BBC Roath Studios, Cardiff
BBC Casualty Filming Location

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