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Throughout my career, and particularly my previous career working within retail management, I have read hundreds of CV’s. Some really good and some really bad. What used to frustrate me was when I got poorly written CV, but the candidate was brilliant. I have taken on several people who did not have the greatest of CV’s, but turned out to have the desired qualities and behaviours. For me it’s always more about displayed behaviour than skill set. Skills can always be taught. What worries me is so many great candidates being missed because their CV doesn’t score well. So, I have decided to offer my own CV Writing service to help anyone unemployed, create a CV or improve their existing CV.

Within my previous roles we received dozens of applications for every advertised vacancy. For this reason we were taught to score each CV quickly, and if they did not hit the mark, they would not progress any further. Despite many CV’s not reaching this mark, I took the time to read the majority of them regardless. My aim with this project is to help people hit those benchmarks.

CV Writing Service

I am only offering this help to people who are currently unemployed (I don’t have a lot of spare time) and I also cannot promise I will be able to help everyone. Obviously, I will do my best to help as many people as possible.

How do I take advantage of this?

If you already have a CV, please contact me via email,

Don’t have a CV already? Please download one of the questionnaires below and email it over once you have completed it.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No. I do not charge for this service, I offer my help free of charge. If you would like to buy me a coffee as a thank you, you can do so via the ‘Buy a Coffee’ Button below.

Why am I offering this service for free?

I am offering this service to help people get back into work. It’s hard out there and very little help for people to get back into work or to get into work in the first place. If I can help a few people move forward in the working world, then I will be more than happy.

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