Write a Guest Blog post

Write a Guest Blog post

Write a Guest Blog post

I love writing blog posts almost as much as I like reading. It is for this reason a year or so ago I added a section to my blog for others to write a guest blog post. I want to gather a mixture of guest blog posts from all over the world. Such as Sarah’s blog post on the remote island of ‘North Ronaldsay‘ where she lives.

Your blog can be on any topic (within reason) and I am happy for it to provide one external link. However, this must not be to a sales point, affiliate link, or a site containing any adult or suspicious content. Preferably though, I would love people to blog about their little corner of the world.

I am also happy to do a blog exchange and write a blog post for your website or blog. If you would like me to write a guest blog post for your blog, just drop me a message.

How can I write a guest blog post?

If you would like to write a guest blog post, simply drop me a message.

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Mistakes to avoid as a guest blogger


James Harding

Hello! My name is James Harding and I live in small town just outside Cambridge, UK. Currently working as a Customer Success Manager for a UK based SaaS company.

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