Update: Pace for Papworth 2019

Update: Pace for Papworth 2019

UPDATE: I have been informed by Papworth Hospital Charity that due to the low number of registrations for Pace for Papworth 2019 the event has needed to be cancelled.

As i have already had a significant amount of sponsorship money donated and with the promise of more, I have decided to complete the event independently.

The original event was due to take place on the 6th October 2019. I will be completing the event on the same date but will be completing 10K at Ferry Meadows. The original event was due to take place in and around the Addenbrokes Medical Campus in Cambridge..

10K is further than the original event planned, however I wanted to give myself a little bit of a bigger challenge.

If you were planning on sponsoring me, please continue to do so and help me raise some money for this great hospital. You can sponsor me via the Just Giving link below.


If you were going to take part in Pace for Papworth and would like to join me on my individual 10K, please Get In Touch.

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Pace for Papworth 2019 | James HardingPosted on6:38 pm - Sep 26, 2019

[…] Update: Pace for Papworth 2019 has been cancelled, however I am still taking part in the event independently. Read More. […]

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