Student Tools

Free Student Tools

Below is a collection of useful and free student tools. I have used them all at some point or another.

Harvard Referencing Tools

Neil’s Tool Box – Harvard Referencing Tool – http://www.

Design Tools/CASE Tools

Lucid Chart – Creating Flow Charts, ER-Diagrams, Logical/Conceptual, UML Diagrams

Concept Board – Free to use concept and whiteboard.

IBM Rational Rhapsody

Gantt Project – Free Gantt Chart Software

Website Accessibility Tools

Wave – Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Tenon – Accessibility Tool

HTML Code Sniffer – Accessibility Tool

Free Academic Resources

Microsoft Academic

Research Gate

Google Scholar


Paid Academic Resources


Safari Books Online

Science Direct


IDE Tools




Accessibility Validation Tools

W3 Markup Validation

Wave Accessibility Check

Suggest a Free Student Tool

If you have a free student tool that you would recommend, please let me know.

As part of my degree I have often got to use third party software. One thing I have learnt throughout my course, is that there are often free alternatives to the tools/products provided. An example of this would be Web Expression 4 which is a free HTML WYSIWYG tool. This does a large proportion of what Adobe Dreamweaver does, but without a charge. There for, my tip would be, do some searching before purchasing or subscribing.

By: James Harding