The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey

So, I have had this book recommended to me by a few different people over the last few years, and I finally reached it on my reading list this week.

The concept of the book is to essentially understand where your time goes. It then helps you to manage your monkeys in order to free up your time and deal with priorities.

The Monkey analogy essentially relates to tasks or projects that you are actioning. We all have many monkeys on our back such as upselling to a customer, training a new member of the team or completing that end of quarter report. The book teaches you to manage your monkey’s, pass over your monkey’s and stop monkey’s jumping onto your back when they do not belong with you.

Consider a colleague has an issue with a task they are trying to complete such as onboarding a customer. In the Monkey analogy, the task of onboarding the client is a monkey on the back of your colleague. As you are talking through the problem with your colleague, the monkey begins to put a foot on you as you get more and more involved in the task.

You then offer to take a look at the problem for your colleague, resulting in the monkey fully jumping of their back and onto yours. In other words you have now picked up the task/monkey. Your colleague who is responsible for the customer and should really own the monkey has now passed it over to you.

Each employee will have multiple monkeys on their back that they are responsible for. What ‘The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey’ helps you to understand is:

  1. How to effectively manage your Monkeys.
  2. Ensure you only have the right Monkeys on your back.
  3. How to block Monkeys that you should now own.
  4. How to coach your colleagues into managing their monkeys and developing their skillset.

Summary – The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey.

The book is written with Managers in mind however it is really useful for everyone, no matter what level of employment. To be fair, it also offers a lot of good advice and methods to help you manage your monkeys outside of work. Such as, taking your son to football, fetching the shopping, changing the car tyres or mowing the lawn. Some monkeys belong on our backs, others do not.

Personally I found it a great read and has adjusted my mindset slightly to help further improve my time management.

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