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BBC Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight Sweetheart was a BBC comedy starring Nicholas Lyndhurst that was originally broadcast on BBC One between 1993 and 1999 with a special episode broadcast in 2016

The sitcom spanned over 6 series and saw Gary Sparrow (Nicholas Lyndhurst) time travel between present day and war torn London during World War .

Gary Sparrow moved between the two time periods by walking down Duckett’s Passage, located just behind The Royal Oak pub. In the show The Royal Oak and Duckett’s passage were located in the East End.

The filming location for The Royal Oak was actually a pub called The Royal Oak in the East End of London. Not only that, Ezra Street behind the pub was used as Duckett’s passage. Both are publicly accessible so you can literally walk in the footsteps of Nicholas Lyndhurst. The internal shots for the pub were filmed in a studio. Below is the filming location for The Royal Family, Duckett’s Package and some other filming locations from the show.

The Royal Oak, Goodnight Sweetheart Filming Location

BBC Goodnight Sweetheart

To this very day The Royal Oak is a trading pub in Bethnal Green within the East End. The interior is quite different in style and feel from the show as the internal shots filmed during the show were all done in a studio. Certainly worth a visit if you are a fan of Nicholas Lyndhurst or the show.

Duckett’s Passage, Goodnight Sweetheart Filming Location

Just down the side of The Royal Oak you will find Ezra Street, which was used as Duckett’s passage.

Duckett's Passage | BBC Goodnight Sweetheart

Blitz and Pieces Filming Location

In Series 3 Gary opens up a shop in the present day to sell world war 2 memorabilia. The shop used for external filming is now V.B. Stores in Shoreditch.

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A recent trip down ducketts passage

Whilst in London recently I decided to take a stroll down Duckett’s passage to the Royal Oak. If you did not know, the Royal Oak does exist and is still trading to this day. You will find the Royal Oak in Bethnal Green ( 73 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG ).

Just behind and to the side of The Royal Oak is Erza Street which was used as Duckett’s passage. I took a stroll down the alley and took some pictures which you can see below. But feel free to use this Google Map to browse around the area for yourself. Still worth a proper look and a swift half if you are in the area in the Royal Oak.