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Birds Of A Feather Filming Locations

Here are some of the key Birds of a Feather Filming Locations. Many of these have taken a lot of time to track down, so please credit this page/site if you wish to use this information anywhere.

Dalentrace Filming Location

Dalentrace was the original home of Darryl and Tracy Stubbs. Portrayed to be located in Brian Close, Chigwell, Essex, within the program, the actual exteriors of the house were shot on a private road located in Buckinghamshire. The physical Dalentrace is located on Camp Road, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. The street is also home to a few other properties used throughout the series. The house is almost the same as it was during filming except with the additional of an attic conversion.

Dalentrace Filming Location
Fig 1. Dalentrace – Front
Birds Of A Feather Filming Locations
Fig 2. Dalentrace – Back
Fig 3. Dalentrce – Series 1 Episode 1

Dorian Green’s House Filming Location

The exteriors for Dorian Green’s house were also filmed on Camp Road, however the house used was not next door to Dalentrace but three doors away. I’m not sure if this house was picked as it is substantially bigger to fit in with Dorian’s character, or if the houses next door to Dalentrace did not offer up their houses for filming. Another mystery to solve one day.

Fig 4. Dorien Green’s House
Fig 5. Dorian Greens House 2019

Lundquist Kitchens Filming Location

During the original series Dorian was having an affair with a younger man named Luke who worked at Lundquist Kitchens, Chigwell. The exteriors for Lundquist Kitchen were filmed on Pinner, High Street. Pinner was used throughout the series, doubling up as Chigwell town.

Birds Of A Feather Filming Locations
Fig 4. Lundquist Kitchens Location
Fig 5. Lundquist Kitchens – Series 1 Episode 2

Sharons Cafe Birds of a Feather

In Series 4, Chris and Sharon inherit a Cafe which Sharon decides to call Sharon’s Cafe. The exteriors of the cafe were filmed on Shenley Road, Borehamwood. The shop used is now a Domino’s pizza.

Fig. 6 Series 6 Episode 12 – Sharon’s Cafe
Sharons Cafe Birds of a Feather
Fig 7: Sharon’s Cafe New A Domino’s 2019

Chigwell High Street & Town

Although you would think Chigwell would be used for the filming of this, it was in fact Pinner that was used in the show. Here are a few scenes from the show and their locations in Pinner.

Birds of a Feather
Fig 8. Series 1 Episode 6 – Dorian leaving an estate agents.
Fig 9 – Estate Agents Pinner (New roof) – 7 Grange Gardens, Pinner

Antiques Roadshow Filming Location

During Series 2 Episode 15 the girls visit the Antiques Road. This was filed at Winston Churchill Hall, Ruslip.

Fig 10. Series 2 Episode 15
Fig 11. Winston Churchill Hall, Ruslip

If you know of any other filming locations please comment below or get in touch.

If you know of any other filming locations please comment below or get in touch.

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