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Only Fools and Horses Convention 2014

So back in 2014 I was finally able to attend my first Only Fools and Horses Convention at Watford Leisure Centre on Sunday 26th October 2014. The Only Fools and Horses Convention 2014 was the last of the old format conventions. Up until 2014 the Conventions were a low cost affair attended by thousands. The low cost and high tickets on sale meant that the events were attended by thousands of OFAH fans. To give you an idea of the number of people that attended in 2014. We joined the queue to meet the actors at approx 11am. We met the actors at just before 7pm. Yup, 8 hours of solid queuing to meet some of my heroes. (Totally worth it.)

Since 2014 however the convention has a different format. The ticket price is higher and there are far fewer tickets on sale. The higher ticket price means that the event organisers don’t need to sell as many tickets, which results in dramatically shorter queues to meet the actors and a much more intermate affair.

Only Fools and Horses Convention

As well as being able to meet the actors, you can also view props and sets from the show and buy merchandise not on sale anywhere else.

Here are some of my photos from the Only Fools and Horses Convention 2014.

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