Filming locations of 2point4 children

2point4 Children was a BBC sitcom that originally aired on BBC One between 1991 and 1999. The show concluded with a special episode to celebrate the Millennium (The Millennium Experience) which aired on 30th December 1999. Gary Olsen died the following September from cancer which ended the possibility of any subsequent specials In the special […]

Only & Fools Horses The Sky’s The Limit Filming Mistakes Bloopers

Only Fools and Horses is my all time favourite BBC Comedy, but just like any other TV show, mistakes sometimes slip in during production. Personally I think these mistakes add to the shows personality. In The Sky’s The Limit, early into the episode, Marlene and Boycie are having a conversation in their garden next to […]

Birds Of A Feather Filming Locations

Here are some of the key Birds of a Feather Filming Locations. Many of these have taken a lot of time to track down, so please credit this page/site if you wish to use this information anywhere. Dalentrace Filming Location Dalentrace was the original home of Darryl and Tracy Stubbs. Portrayed to be located in […]