Submit a website for anti-virus approval

Submit a website for anti-virus approval

Dependant on the device you are using and the anti-virus you have installed you will often see informative icons next to websites in search pages. The icons are indicators from your provider on how safe or unsafe each website is. The icons vary from provider to provider but the colour code remains consistent. Green means the site has been checked and is safe to visit, amber/orange means the website has not been checked by the provider, and red means the site has failed safety checks and is unsafe to visit. In this post we look at how to check a website and how to submit a website for anti-virus approval.

Norton Website Checker

The first one we are going to look at is Norton’s website checker. Norton allow you to check if a website has been tested and what the result is on their website. Click here and see if your website has been tested. If your website has not been tested you will see a ‘Untested’ summary. Under this you will also see ‘Site Owner? Click Here’. Click the link and follow Norton’s steps to validate your website and submit your website to be checked. Even if your website comes back as tested with a green/red result you should still claim your website and find out what made it pass or fail.

Submit a website for anti-virus approval

Google Safe Browsing

A number of Anti-Virus programs actually get a lot of their website information from third parties such as Google Safe Browsing.

Check your website using the link above. If you have not already done so you should certainly make sure that you have claimed your website on Google.

Google Safe Search

Virus Total

There are many different anti-virus checkers on the web. Most anti-virus brands you can think of will either have their own or use a third party. Virus Total allows you to check around 30 of these in one go.

Submit a website for anti-virus approval

These are just a couple of the tools online that check a websites safety rating. As part of your regular SEO procedures, I would recommending searching for other tools online. Check your website, and if it has not been checked, look for the websites process to submit your website.

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