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St Ives Foodbank

St Ives Food Bank

St Ives Foodbank

People end up without enough money to live on for all kinds of reasons. Unemployment, being made redundant, illness, debt… the list is endless. But, no matter what the reason, no one should go without enough food. Especially in a country that throws away millions of tons of food each and every year.

How can anyone make their lives better, fight illness or simply survive without enough food to power their body.

So, if you can afford it, why not add a few extra tins to your shopping this week to donate to your local foodbank. Alternatively, why not miss out on that treat this week and do something for someone else.

Give something back to your community and the people around you by helping your local foodbank to literally improve and save lives.

My local foodbank is the St Ives Foodbank. But, no matter where in the UK you are, a quick Google will find your local foodbank.

St Ives Foodbank

The St Ives Foodbank runs out of the St Ives All Saints Church. It is open every Tuesday and Friday between 10:30 and 12pm. Food can be dropped off here during these times or any time the church is open.

There are also various other drop off points around the town for the St Ives Foodbank. Some of these incudes shops such as the Co-Op (Rainbow) and other churches.

For more information on the St Ives Foodbank and how you can help. Visit their website listed below.

St Ives Food Bank

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