Popular websites and how they looked in 2000

So I needed a distraction late one evening to try and settle down my mind after a really busy day of work. Feeling a little nostalgic, I took to the WayBack machine to remind myself of some of the websites I used to use and how they looked back in 2000. I can’t remember exactly when I got my first PC but it must have been in the late 90’s. What I do remember though is once I had one it took up a large percentage of my evening. Anyway, here are ten of the popular websites and how they looked in 2000.

  1. Back in 2000, Yahoo was the closest thing we had to a Social Network. Comprising of Chat Rooms (remember them), Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Answers. I think I lost hours chatting on Yahoo Messenger. In recent years Yahoo has dropped in popularity.

Yahoo Website in 2000

2. BBC homepage as it was in March 2000. Still one of the most popular websites in the UK.

Popular websites and how they looked in 2000

3. Freeserve. One of the UK’s biggest ISP’s in 2000. The site has since been sold several times, but essentially, Freeserve are no more.

Popular websites and how they looked in 2000


4. Hotmail. Still one of the UK and world most popular free email providers.

Popular websites and how they looked in 2000

5. Amazon back when it was just books and music.

Amazon website in 2000

6. Ebay. Still the UK’s biggest auction website and most of the worlds infact.

Ebay 2000

7. Lycos – A Dial Up ISP and news site.

Lycos 2000

8. MSN – News and communities site.

MSN 2000

9. Ask Jeeves. Search Engine.

Ask Jeeves 2000

10. Habbo Hotel – 3D Chatroom and kind of a game where you could build your own hotel room

Habbo Hotel 2000


What were the websites you used in 2000? Please add them into the comments below.


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