Pace for Papworth 2019

Pace for Papworth 2019

Update: Pace for Papworth 2019 has been cancelled, however I am still taking part in the event independently. Read More.

After completing the London Bridges Trek (25K) last year, this year I have decided to complete a few smaller activities. The first of which is ‘Pace for Papworth 2019’.

If you follow my blog or me on social media you will most likely know that I have previously been a patient of The Royal Papworth , undergoing treatment and lung surgery.

This means I have seen the great work this hospital does. In fact, without them, I’m not to sure where I would be with my health. It is for this very reason I like to try and give something back to them every few years.

The Royal Papworth

The Royal Papworth is the UK’s leading specialist Heart and Lung hospital. It has performed many firsts including the UK’s first heart transplant in 1979. The hospital completes hundreds of lung and heart transplants a year as well as treating all lung and heart diseases and conditions such as Lung Disease, Cancer and Cystis Fibrosis. It is also home to the UK’s largest Respiratory Support and and Sleep Centre. The hospital has recently relocated our of Papworth and onto the Addenbrokes site in Cambridge. Moving in to a brand new purpose built hospital building.

Pace for Papworth 2019

Pace for Papworth is a regular walking event held by the Papworth Hospital Charity. It has taken place in a few different locations but this year to celebrate the opening of the new hospital, Pace for Papworth is taking place on the Cambridge Biomedical Premises where the hospital is located.

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Find out more on this event.

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