Magpas Luggage Auction

Magpas Luggage Auction

For the last few years I have been almost addicted to Storage Wars, Storage Hunters and even Property Wars. So when one of the team at Magpas mentioned their upcoming Magpas Luggage Auction, I could not resist but to go.

All the mystery, experience and excitement of not knowing what you’ve bought but on a modest scale.

Their latest luggage auction took place last weekend in Peterborough and was hosted by celebrity auctioneer David Palmer. On offer was just over 300 sealed bags of all shapes and sizes. From hand luggage items through to lots and lots of large hold luggage bags. Many of which were from well known brands such as Nike and Samsonite.

Prior to the auction you could browse the bags from a distance and make a note of the bags you wanted to bid on. You could not open the bags, as what you get in them is all down to fate. Although some items you could see what they were. E.G. Guitars and tents.

The auction kicked off at 12pm with a room of eager bidders. David Palmer did a great job of balancing humour with the seriousness of bidding. I sat back for awhile getting soaked into the atmosphere and understanding the mechanics before I threw in my first bid.

In total I bid and bought three items. The first was a large pink suitcase on wheels for a total of £22. The second a cabin bag on wheels with custom laptop and tablet slots which I got for a steal at only £20. Then the third bag was a cabin bag my wife bid on and got for £15.

But what was inside…

Whilst at the auction I spoke to a few regulars who had found money and some valuable treasures in their previous purchases.

On this occasion, whilst I found no treasures I had an array of useful items. Chargers, European Plug Adapters, Books, leads, a wig and a lot of clothes. The clothes and wig weren’t really for me so we washed these and took them to a charity shop so they could benefit as well.

In summary we had a thoroughly good day at the auction, excitement of bidding, winning and discovering what gems our bags contained, all whilst supporting and raising funds for such an important local charity and service. The Magpas Air Ambulance.

We now can not wait until the next auction in a few months time. If you have not been I thoroughly recommend it.

Visit the Magpas Website to find out about the next auction.

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