Magpas First Responders

Magpas First Responders

Magpas First Responders

For those of you who haven’t ever heard of Magpas or not sure what they do, here is first a bit about them.

Mapas is a charity that provides critical emergency care by land and air across the East of England to support our Emergency Services, especially in critical care cases.

The medical teams contain fully qualified Doctors and Nurses who give up their valuable time to volunteer for the charity. The charity also has over 40 community groups of first responders.

Magpas First Responders

Magpas First Responders are members of the community who give up their time to not only attend emergency medical calls in their local community, but also complete regular specialist training and lessons.

First Responders are community members of all ages and backgrounds. Giving up a valuable few hours a week to help save people in their communities lives.

St Ives First Responders

About seven years ago when I was about 25 I had need to use Magpas’s services.

Just before the bottom of the stairs I had a huge chest pain, that felt like it wiped out all the air in my lungs. It brought me to my knees at the bottom of the stairs. The pain was focused on the right side if my chest, and I knew what it was.

I have previously had lung issues on my left side, which after many chest drains procedures and two operations had been corrected. However, my right side had always been OK. Well this was until now.

The pain and fact I could not breath was because my right lung had collapsed. In other words a hole had opened in my lung, letting the air out of my lung and into my chest cavity. With every breath, more air was seeping out of my lung into my chest cavity, making the pressure in my chest worse and worse. Even more dangerous was the fact that as the pressure in my chest cavity got greater, my lungs got smaller and smaller.

My wife was still at home so called an ambulance. Within what felt like seconds a Magpas First Responder was there. He was brilliant, my wife explained that we were almost certain what it was. I knew I needed to try and calm my breathing down and take shallower breaths, but easier said than done in that state. He put my on 100% oxygen and helped focus me on my breathing until a fast response paramedic turned up and ambulance. Even when they turned up it was the Magpas First Responder that kept my calm and kept talking to me while the paramedics were doing their thing.

Right up until I was put in the ambulance, the Magpas First Responder kept talking to me, kept me calm and focused on my breathing.

Magpas and all its staff and volunteers do a great job in our community, and should be supported by everyone in the community that they serve.


Thank you from me (James Harding)

Magpas – The Emergency Medical Charity

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