Keeping up appearances filming locations

Keeping up appearances filming locations

Below are a collection of some of the Keeping up Appearances Filming Locations. These include the home of Hyacinth and Richard, Onslow and Daisy’s home, Elizabeth and Emmet’s and the Church and Church Hall.

The Bucket House Filming Location

The external shots of the Bucket Residence were filmed at 117 Heather Road, Binley Wood, Coventry. The house is still easily recognisable today even with the addition of a front extension.

  Elizabeth & Emmets house

Located next door to the Bucket house, both in the program and real life. The exterior of Elizabeth and Emmet was filmed at 119 Heather Road, Binley Wood, Coventry.

Onslow and Daisy’s House

The exterior for Onslow and Daisy’s house was filmed at 3 Mitchell Close, Coventry. The house is in much better shape these days. No more dumped car in the front garden or broken gate.

Church and Church Hall

Through out the comedy Hyacinth and Richard regularly frequent their local church and church hall much to the dislike of their vicar. The Church and Church hall used for filming these locations was Christchurch Church and Church Hall, Northampton.

If you know of any other Keeping up Appearances Filming Locations, please let me know.

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