Is Albert Sqaure a real place in London?

Is Albert Square a real place in London? This is one of the most Googled Eastenders related questions. Together with similar questions such as, ‘Is Walford a real London borough?’ and ‘Is Walford East a real tube station’?

Albert Square, Walford and Walford East Tube Station are all fictional places. However, the external shots for the show are built on a full scale outside set which is located at the BBC’s Elstree studios in Borehamd wood. The internal scenes are filmed in the studios themselves. It is a closed set, so it does not currently offer any tours. You will though see a lot of fans queueing outside the gates most weekdays. Especially for the cast arrivals early morning.

If you zoom in on the Google Map below you can see the square, the Queen Vic and the bridge that carries the fictious London Underground.

Is Albert Square a real place in London? Filming Location


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