How to grow your followers on Twitter?

How to grow your followers on Twitter?

How to grow your followers on Twitter?

How to grow your followers on Twitter? Out of all the current Social Media platforms around at the moment, Twitter is probably the one that I utilise the most. I have grown to a reasonable following, and often get asked how to gain followers.

This is something that takes time, and you must be prepared to invest time to establish your twitter account and grow your following. There are services out there that will offer to sell you followers. I would suggest that you do not use these. Although they may well deliver these followers, the chances are they will be fake and will probably be removed from Twitter within a few months. Worse still, Twitter may even blacklist you for having a large number of fake accounts following you.

If you are prepared to just invest some time, you do not need to spend any money to grow your Twitter following.

How to grow your followers on Twitter?

  1. Tweet often. – The more you tweet, them more likely you are to gather attention. However, be careful not to tweet too often or the same tweets. This can become annoying and lead you to lose followers.
  2. Use current hash tags. Get involved in current discussions, using the trending hash tags, or those relating to your tweet. Tv shows, events and news as great discussions to get involved in.
  3. People on twitter tend to love photos/images. Share your pictures, the funnier or cuter the better.
  4. Follow people who you have been in discussion with. The chances are, because you have interacted with them, they will also follow you back.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for retweets. If you have shared a funny picture that has got a lot of likes, share it again and ask people to retweet it.

The key thing to remember is that it takes time. You’re not going to grow thousands of followers overnight. However, spend some time, tweet about interesting topics and interact in discussions, and your following on twitter will grow.

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