Goodnight Sweetheart Series 7

Orignally Goodnight Sweetheart came to an end after 6 series completing in 1999. However in 2016 it was brought back for one special episode as part of the BBC’s Landmark Sitcom season. There was talk that Goodnight Sweetheart Series 7 may continue however the BBC did not commission any further episodes. All may not be lost though as there is talk of the sitcom being picked up by another broadcaster.

In Goodnight Sweetheart series 7 episode 1 Garry Sparrow comes into contact with his baby self. This contact reopens the time portal and Gary Sparrow finds himself in 2016 central London. The time portal reopens in the same location, however this has been converted from his original Blitz n Pieces shop in a restaurant/cafe now know as Hoof & Claw.

Hoof & Claw Filming Location

Hoof & Claw Filming Location

The location used for the filming location of Hoof & Claw was 15 Hoxton Market, Shoreditch London.

Goodnight Sweetheart Series 7 Goodnight Sweetheart Series 7

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