Free Microsoft Word CV Template

Free Microsoft Word CV Template

Over the years, especially when working in management, I have read many CV’s and job applications. Some well written, and some very poor efforts. Some time back I created a CV template designed to help anyone create a professional and effective CV by following its simple structure. You can now download this Free Microsoft Word CV template below.

The CV comprises of seven sections:

  1. Personal Details – Full Name and Contact Information
  2. Personal Statement – A paragraph that highlights key qualities.
  3. Key Skills – Use this to match your key skills with that of the vacancy.
  4. Education and Qualifications – List achievements here.
  5. Additional Certifications & Training – List additional achievements.
  6. Career Summary – From your current position, working backwards.
  7. References – Either list them or show they are available.

Career Summary

Within the career summary, as well as listing key responsibilities, where possible, also list key achievements. Such as, “Increased year on year sales by 10% for 2018-2019”. Achievements should be measurable. If you have a lot of previous positions, focus on the top four or the ones most relevant to the role you are applying for. Any further back you should list company, role and dates but do not need to go into any detail.

Please feel free to download and use this CV. If you have any feedback on the template, please comment below or get in touch

Free Microsoft Word CV Template

CV Tips – A great resource for additional CV help.

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