Free coworking work space in London

I’m often in London and in need of a work space to catch-up on emails and do some work between meetings. Generally its only for short amounts of time up to an hour or two. So, as you can image I don’t want to really pay for work space and free coworking work space in London is hard to come by.

Like most others, I often end up in a coffee shop, pub, restaurant, or even a park bench. Although these are not bad, they can often be hard to concentrate in. However, although rare, there are some places that offer free working work spaces so as Google Campus.

Google Campus

Google Campus is located in Shoreditch, London. Google Campus offers free work space for those working in Startup’s. As well as free work space there are also additional benefits such as free WiFi, free mentoring sessions and the opportunity to work around like minded people. In true Google form the staff work hard to make it an electrically positive atmosphere.

Google Campus is open 9 am – 8 pm but be warned it does get very busy most days.

For more information and to register for free visit: Google Campus

If you know of any other free work spaces in London. Please comment below.

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