First month at the gym

So at the start of this year I started a new job, which involves me predominantly working from home.

Working from home has many advantages but also means you may not leave the house for days at a time and can be quite isolating. To try and ensure I not only got out of the house but that I also tried to keep my fitness levels up I decided to join my local gym.

Its been a little for a month but I have completed my first month at the gym. I will be honest, I have not gone as much as I wish I had, but still I am happy with my progress.

Due to a lung condition I have to be careful not to do too much too quickly, so weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute sessions have been enough.

I have been trying to go twice a week, Monday evening after work and Saturday morning. For the most part I have been apart from one week.

So far I have kept to only a few bits of equipment. Starting off with a soft bike ride on the exercise bikes, followed by the cross trainer and then some light weights for the upper body.

So far so good. I am not really feeling any different at the moment, but after being sat in my home office all day it is nice to work up a sweat and have a different change of sceanary.

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