Facebook image text rule

Facebook image text rule

Facebook image text rule

What is the Facebook image text rule? Up until a few days ago, I never thought social media sites really cared about the amount of text contained on an image, let alone penalize you for it. However, it has been brought to my attention that some of them really do. Facebook and Instagram, for example, make it clear for paid adverts or any boosted posts, they will favour images with less or no text, compared to images containing lots of text. However, I have not seen any evidence that suggests that the same rule applies for general page posts.

What is the Facebook image text rule?

The Facebook image text rule, also referred to as the 20% image text rule is as follows. When you upload an image to Facebook for a paid advert or to be contained in a boosted post, Facebook scans the image for text. It will then score your image based on the percentage of the image that contains text. If more than 20% of your image contains text, you are likely to be warned or penalized.  Here is an example:

Facebook image text rule

In this test my Image Text has been scored as ‘High’ meaning my advert may not run. In total, there are four categories that an image will fall into:

  • Image Text: OK – Your advert will run normally.
  • Image Text: Low – Your advert’s reach may be slightly lower.
  • Image Text: Medium – Your advert’s reach may be much lower.
  • Image Text: High – Your advert may not run.

Facebook describes their rule as follows:

“Ads that run on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network are subject to a review process that looks at the amount of image text used in your ad. Based on this review, ads with higher amounts of image text will be shown to fewer people.” (Facebook, 2017)

“Facebook ads that contain images with little to no image text tend to cost less and reach more people than ads with image text.” (Facebook, 2017)

Read more from Facebook on the Facebook image text rule.


Does the rule apply to normal page and personal posts (unpaid posts)?

From the research that I have undertaken the rule only effects paid ads and boosted posts.

Does the amount of text you write in the caption next to your image count?

Again, from what I have read, this does not and there is no limit.

James Harding

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