Earn rewards for searching with Bing

In an effort to try and regain some market share Microsoft will now effectively pay you to use Bing. Microsoft has been offering a reward scheme in the US for a number of years has only recently been launched in the UK. By becoming a member of Microsoft Rewards you can earn rewards for searching with Bing.

Microsoft Rewards is a point based system where you earn points for completing specific activities like using Bing, using Edge or purchasing items on Microsoft Store. You can then exchange your points to enter sweepstake’s or save your points and exchange them for Gift cards. Gift cards are currently available for Argos, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Starbucks and Pizza Express.

UK Search Engine Market Share November 2018

UK Search Engine Market Share November 2018

Earn rewards for searching with Bing and more…

As well as being rewarded for searching using Bing, you can also earn points by completing daily activities. These are typically activities such as using Edge or completing a quick quiz (typically) 3 questions long.

You are never going to become rich using Microsoft Rewards, but if you use a search engine, you might as well collect points while you do it.

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