Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket when it comes to your business

In recent years a number of my friends and ex-colleagues have setup their own successful home grown business. Most if not all of these have become so successful predominately down to two factors, word of mouth and Facebook.

In fact, all but two of these only have an online presence on Facebook. They do not feature on other social platforms such as Twitter or Linked in, nor do they have their own website.

Obviously this is fantastic due to the zero cost setup charge and instant access to a potential audience of billions, but should this be your only online presence?

Lets rewind a little. In 2006 the biggest social media platform in the world was MySpace. It was used by bands, businesses and individuals to network with others and grow their online reach. Back in 2006 not only was it the biggest social network but it was also the most visited site in the US, even beating Google. Fast forward to today, MySpace is in decline and no longer a contender at all in the Social Media space. [Myspace from 12 Billion down to 35 Million.[

Facebook is brilliant to communicate with your audience and reach new potential customers for low cost. But don’t put all your eggs in the same basket when it comes to your business. What if Facebook was to be offline for a few hours or days, how would it impact your business? Would you be able to communicate to your clients and them to you? What if Facebook went into heavy decline, where would your new customers come from?

While its great having a successful Facebook page, and if its working for you, its certainly where you should be spending the majority of your time. But you should also be allocating a small amount of time to build your business on other platforms and your own website.

Having your website usually comes with a little cost but it is certainly worth it. Your website is something you can fully control the look, feel and content. Use it as your main source of content and use your social media presence to link to your site. That way not only to you keep your Facebook leads coming in but will likely begin to gather them through your website and other social media platforms.

This does not mean to say you need to be on every single social network, just stick to the top three.

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