Create a Free Christmas Jumper Day Poster

Create a Free Christmas Jumper Day Poster

Use Get Fundraising’s poster maker to create a Free Christmas Jumper Day Poster for the charity or cause of your choice.

Christmas Jumper Day’s

Christmas Jumper Day’s are great fun and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit whilst raising vital funds for your chosen charity or cause. Christmas Jumper Day’s typically take very little organisation which means its also not going to eat into two much of your time.

Below is a simple checklist or organizing your Christmas Jumper Day.


Step 1 – Choose the charity that is going to benefit from your fundraiser.

Step 2 – Pick the date that works best for everyone.

Step 3 – Decide on the donation amount to wear a Christmas Jumper to work. (This is typically either £1, £2 or £3).

Step 4 – Promote your Christmas Jumper Day. Create a poster to put up around the office. Send an email to everyone in the office with a calendar invite so they don’t forget.

Step 5 – A day or two before your event it is worth while pinging around and email to remind everyone.

Step 6 – Have a great day and raise lots of money. Stamp your pictures with your chosen cause and share on your social channels.

Step 7 – Pay in your money and send the Charity some pictures that they can use on their social channels.

Additional ideas

Turn your Christmas Jumper Day into a bit of an early Christmas Party. Suggest that everyone brings in something for a buffet lunch. The only rule is it has to be Christmas related. Or perhaps do a Sweep Stake to increase the money raise on the day.

That being said, Christmas Jumper Days typically work because they are easy and don’t require a huge effort from anyone to either organise or participate in.

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