Do you support a Charity?

I support a number of charities and organisations as I believe everyone should give something back to their community. This doesn’t always have to be financial but can be in a range of forms such as donating time,  promoting the charity, raising awareness or any other function that brings awareness to them and the causes they support.

Money is tight these days, but why not buy a cheap coffee and donate a pound to the charity of your choice.

The main charities I support are:

My target donation’s / money raised for 2018

  • Papworth Hospital Charity – Target £33.33 Actual: £0.00
  • British Lung Foundation – Target £33.33 Actual: £0.00
  • Magpas Air Ambulance – Target £33.33 Actual: £0.00
  • St Ives Food Bank – Target £25.00 worth of Food Donations Actual: £0.00

Other ways to help.

As I have already said, supporting charities doesn’t always have to be in the form of a donation. Below is a list of alternative ways that you can still help a charity without making a direct financial donation.

  • Write a blog post about the charity and its purpose.
  • Share posts on social media to help raise awareness.
  • Attend events to show your support.
  • Volunteer at fundraising events.
  • Purchase their Christmas Cards instead of from a commercial shop.
  • Shop at charity shops, save money and help them at the same time.
  • Donate your old toys, clothes and furniture.


Donate to a Charity