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BBC Filming Locations Map

BBC Filming Locations Map

So, as many regular readers will know, I write a lot on BBC Filming Locations from shows past and present.  A lot of my focus is on old comedies, such as, Only Fools and Horses, Birds of a Feather and Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie. Now that I have located a lot of the locations used, I have put together a digital map of them. A BBC Filming Locations Map that I will keep adding to as I find new locations.

BBC Filming Locations Map

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Birds of a Feather – BBC – Filming Locations 2

Birds of a Feather – BBC – Filming Locations 2 follows on my my original Birds of a Feathers filming locations post.
After some more research I have managed to identify some further locations from the original BBC show.

Series 1 – Episode 1

In the very first episode, Darrell and Chris get spotted by a police car following on from their bank robbery. Although they have just robbed a bank, the police recognise Chris’s car because of an earlier fail to stop at an accident.
This was filmed on Kneller Road, Twickenham. Only a stones through from the rugby ground.

The zebra crossing is now a traffic light crossing. Some of the house have had extension work, and the trees along thr road have grown, but you can still recognise the location.

Kneller Road, Twickenham

Birds of a Feather Locations Kneller road,2 twickenham


Series 1 Episode 6

In this episode, ‘Substitue’, Dorien has a guest lodger, Patsey Edwards. In the epside, Dorien and Patsey are looking at house in an estate agents in Chigwell.

In actual fact, this was filmed in Grange Gardens, Pinner, London. This is given away a little bit in the episode, by the sign on the door.

They then bump into Sharon and Tracy directly opposite after leaving the estate agents.

Dorien GreenFilming Location

Dorisen and Patsey Birds of a feather - Estate Agents

Sharon and Tracey Pinner

Series 4 – Episode 10 – Sisters are doing it

In this episode, Tracy gets a job as a sectary at Latimers printers. However, her boss (Bill)turns out to be a bit of a slime ball and tries it on. Sharon, Dorien and Tracy decide to teach him a lesson, while he is with another woman at a pub. Tracy together with some work colleagues, shows him up inside the pub. Whilst Sharon and Dorien, fill his sports car with Horse Manore.

This was filmed at location at ‘The Thre Hammers’, Hammers Lane, Edware, London.

The Three Hammers Sisters are doing it pub

Three Hammers 


Series 4 – Episode 10 – Okey Cokey Karaoke

In this episode the girls take part in a Karaoke competition. The externals for the first venue, where the Queens Head, Pinner.

Karaoke Competition Queens Head Pinner

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Only Fools & Horses - Mother Natures Son - Filming Locations - Allotments

Only Fools & Horses | Mother Nature’s Son | Allotments

In Mother Nature’s Son, Del Boy has a summons and is required to cleanup Grandad’s old allotment. It has become a public health hazard. The public health hazard in question turns out to be barrels of a mystery yellow substance.

In the episode, Del boy accompanies Rodney to an organic health food store owned by an acquaintance of Rodney called Myles. When Del see’s the high price of products in the store, Del quickly develops an interest in gardening.

During the clean-up of Grandad’s allotment, Del claims to have found the old ‘Peckham Spring’ which is infect a hose pipe setup to trick Myles into believing Del has a natural water source.

Only Fools & Horses | Mother Nature’s Son | Allotments

Although during the episode it is assumed that the allotments are in London. The allotments used for filming were Natal Road Allotments which are in a suburb of Brighton in East Sussex. Filmed throughout November 1992 with the episode broadcast on Christmas day 1992.

It was an ideal location, due to its remote location but also the fact that there are a number of tower blocks around the site, so the location could be used to represent it being in South London.

Mother Nature's Son Filming Locations 

Only Fools & Horses - Mother Natures Son - Filming Locations - Allotments

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