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Where is Holby City Hosptial?

Is Holby a real place?

Holby City is set around the fictional hospital of Holby City Hospital. Holby City Hospital is also the fictional hospital where Casualty is set. So you would think, that they are filmed at the same location? In fact, they are not even filmed in the same country.

Holby City is filmed at BBC Elstree studios, and for those of you who remember the earlier Grange Hill Seasons, you should recognise the building. You can view the external holby city set on Google Earth, as shown in the image below.

It is also filmed at the same location as Eastenders.

Where is Holby City

So where is BBC Casualty filmed? And why not the same location

BBC Casualty used to be filmed at the same location. However in 2011, filming of Casualty moved to a custom built set at BBC Cardiff in Wales.

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BBC Elstree & Walford Towers

Where is Walford Towers Eastenders Filmed?

Recently Walford Towers has come back into focus on Eastenders. In the mid 1980’s the Beale family lived in a flat on the 14th floor. Phil Mitchell also lived at Walford Towers until he bought a flat in Albert Square in 1994.

But where is Walford Towers?

Walford Towers is actually called Canterbury House, it is located on Canterbury Road, Borehamwood. It is a stones throw away from BBC Elstree studios.

BBC Elstree & Walford Towers Walford Towers

Brittas Empire Leisure Centre Location

Brittas Empire BBC Filming Locations

The Brittas Empire was a BBC comedy sitcom that aired on BBC  One during the 90’s. It ran for a total of seven series and attracted a large audience.

The sitcom was set around a fictional leisure centre known as Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. It stars Chris Barrie as the eccentric leisure centre manager Gordon Brittas

Brittas Empire Filming Location

A large proportion of the filming for the Brittas Empire was done on location at Ringwood Health and Leisure Centre, located in Hampshire. A lot of external scenes were also filmed in and around Hampshire.


Brittas Empire Leisure Centre Location  Brittas Empire Leisure Centre Filming Location