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Reviews – Is My Hermes any good? … No!

My Hermes Review

So my mum needed to send me a parcel and as she has just come out of hospital we thought we would use My Hermes as they collect. Delivery was meant to be by no later than 26th Jan 2016. However, by the morning on the 27th Janauary 2016, no sign of delivery and no communication at all from My Hermes.

The next day while I was at work a blank, “Tried to deliver” card was left, no information and no contact details. Knowing I would be out the next day I left a message on the door asking them to leave with a neighbor or leave a contact number for me to arrange to be in when they tried to deliver. The next day I got home to another blank card, not left at a neighbors and again no contact details on the card. So I left another message this morning, saying basically the same again. Again my message was ignored and I got a blank card with “Not In” written across it and “Last attempt returning to sender”.

I have just spoken to their customer services who basically ignored the fact it wasn’t delivered on time and that the delivery driver left a series or blank cards. I explained they did leave a card, but no contact details were filled in so how could I contact them. She then just kept repeating you will have to contact the sender. I explained I left messages for the delivery driver and asked for his contact details and all my messages/requests all were ignored. The customer services representative did not care, did no apologize and just said basically, you weren’t in, it will get returned to the sender. Ignored that I said messages were left and tried to ignore that the cards left had no details on them. When I sent her a picture of the cards she just said, it was up to the delivery driver how they use them as they are self employed. She also continued to repeat that I must contact the sender when I repeatedly asked why it wasn’t delivered on time in the first place.

So if you are thinking of using my hermes, don’t, their deliver by dates are lies, their delivery drivers don’t even bother to fill in two boxes on a card, and they couldn’t care less as long as they have your money. Customer services is awful and now worried this parcel will never be seen again as they could not tell me where it is or when it would be returned.

Do not use and please feel free to share this page.

Oliver Cromwell St Ives

Oliver Cromwell St Ives

So today I visited the Oliver Cromwell St Ives. The Oliver Cromwell is a relatively small town pub. Tucked away near the River Ouse in St Ives, the Oliver Cromwell is a warm and welcoming pub. It serves a wide selection of drinks as well as food and has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The food is outstanding, but one of the things I love most about this pub is that it is dog friendly. Dog’s are welcome in the bar side of the pub, but not (as you would expect) in the restaurant. You can still eat in the bar area as there are a number of tables here also. It is a great place to relax with a drink and have some food with your doggies at your side.

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Oliver Cromwell St Ives

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