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Top 5 Popular SaaS and Cloud Applications for Your PC

Top 5 Popular SaaS and Cloud Applications for Your PC

Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud applications are popular among large and small businesses because of their convenience and efficiency. Here are the 5 most popular SaaS and cloud applications for your PC:


This is a cloud storage and file syncing application that allows you to access files from anywhere. For a free personal account, Dropbox offers 2GB for storage. You can increase this storage by sending referrals to friends. Dropbox Pro offers 1TB storage space about 10 dollars per month. Dropbox Pro also gets you priority support and setting up an expiration date for shared links. Dropbox accounts for business are charged from £10 ($15) per user every month. Here is how Dropbox works:

From the Dropbox website, download and install the application on your PC. Create an account or sign in if you already have one. You can then change the settings and preferences such as the location of the Dropbox file or the speed for uploads and downloads.

Add your files to Dropbox and everything else will be done for you automatically. It will sync your files everywhere so that they are accessible to any device. So if you save files on the Dropbox on your home computer, you can access them on your office desktop. However, these files are backed up. So if you delete a file on your home PC, it will also be deleted on your office desktop.

Dropbox also lets you share files publicly through the public folder. Anyone can access files from this folder even if they do not have Dropbox installed on their device. However, public sharing does not offer password protection. You can also share files through invitation.

Other features

  • Dropbox allows you to restore old files.
  • Dropbox integrates easily with other applications and services. For instance, it works as part of your operating system rather than as a separate application.
  • Dropbox offers collaboration options such as Dropbox Paper. It also allows you to connect to Microsoft Office.



  • Integrates easily with every operating system.
  • Provides history of actions.
  • Offers easy file synchronization.
  • Provides collaboration.


  • Expensive.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers cloud storage services, online editing tools, and valuable apps. Google Drive offers a generous free storage plan of 15GB. This storage is inclusive of your Gmail account and Google+ photos. You can also access personal and business plans for a monthly or yearly subscription. Here is how this application works:
Install Google Drive to your desktop and upload your files, photos, and videos. You can also edit files in real time and share them with others. Google Drive also lets you restore documents to their previous version. With Google Docs, you can comment on documents and tag someone to make sure that they see your comment. Google Docs also offers a chat feature for communicating with others.

Sharing files through Google Drive is controllable. Simply choose to share your files publicly, with a company, or through invitation. You can further choose if these people will view and edit the files or view only.
Google Drive ensures that your account is secure by providing you with a two-step verification process.
Google Drive integrates with other apps on the Chrome web store ensuring that you can do so much more with your files without leaving the cloud. The Chrome web store has apps that offer online fax services which you can use while on Google Drive.


  • Google Drive has a user-friendly interface.
  • This application offers a generous amount of storage space for a free plan.


  • Files cannot be password protected.

Microsoft Office 365 Home

Microsoft Office 365 offers downloadable applications such as Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, Publisher, and OneNote which you can run on your PC. It also provides file collaboration, access to remote data, information exchange, and cloud storage using OneDrive or SharePoint. Microsoft Office 365 goes for £9.40 or £7.90 per month. These subscriptions offer 1TB of cloud storage. You can access business subscriptions as well.

For real-time collaboration, simply drag a Word document to the OneDrive app installed on your desktop and send out an invitation to share it with a colleague.
Office 365 integrates with applications such as Skype and OneDrive.


  • Office 365 offers real-time collaboration.
  • This application offers 1TB online storage space.


  • Office 365 is more ideal for businesses than for personal use.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional

Salesforce is a SaaS that offers a wide range of services. Sales Cloud is a Salesforce automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Sales Cloud has three tiers. The Lightning Professional Plan is one of the three tiers which has a monthly subscription of £60 ($75).

The Salesforce software comes with a 30-day trial. To get started, create an account and indicate our role in the organization. This helps Salesforce to customize its features to your role. The software then gives you a list of tasks that you should perform.

The Lightning dashboard will show you closed sales and open activities. It also allows you to keep more than one dashboard. For instance you can have a marketing executive dashboard and a sales executive dashboard. Salesforce also offers third-party integration and chat services.


  • User-friendly interface.


  • Expensive.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe creative cloud is software that offers users access to a collection of adobe software and cloud services. Adobe creative cloud is ideal for professionals or businesses using Adobe applications on a daily basis.

This software allows users to work on the same project at the same time and save it in the cloud. You can also access Adobe Stock, check on the latest app updates, and explore content from the Creative Cloud Community.


  • Access to all Adobe applications.


Pricey for non-professionals.

Author’s Bio
As a technology manager on Le Meilleur Avis, I have access to various smartphones, PCs, Bluetooth devices, headphones and many other tech products. I do my best to review every aspect of these products and that includes apps.

Written By: Jean-Philippe Belanger

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5 Popular Filming Locations in the World You Need To Visit

While many travelers like to visit places which are popular, it’s always good to go for holidays with a special motive like exploring mountains, or relaxing on the beaches. For movie buffs, there are hundreds of places to discover during vacations and if you loved a movie, you will surely go wow over the locations it got shot in. So, here in this article is a list of the top five famous filming locations that you should surely add to your bucket list to enjoy the places where your favorite movie stars shot their popular movies!

1. Budapest from “Dinotopia,” “An American Rhapsody” And Steven Spielberg’s “Munich.”

Photo by Charlemagne, CC0 1.0

Budapest is becoming the favorite location of every director nowadays due to its picturesque beautiful location, low priced labor and discounts availed by the government here. Another great thing about Budapest is that it resembles the streets of London and the scenes shot here with the use of more techie cameras and by employing the world best drones for quality camera footage, can easily be made to look like they were recorded in London and that’s why many directors have been choosing this location for their movies. Another fact about Budapest is that it has been a recurrent location in movies like “Munich”, “An American Rhapsody”, and “Dinotopia,” making it a great place for movie buffs!

2. Paris From “The Vinci Code”

 Paris From “The Vinci Code”
Photo by Tpsdave, CC0 1.0

Paris is already a popular location and watching it in “The Vinci Code” has been a thrilling experience for many! Here in Paris, you can actually go back over Robert Langdon’s footsteps and witness all those sites that you have seen in this movie. For a movie-like experience of your tour, don’t forget to ask your tour guide for the same as there are tons of places to trace here from this movie.

3. New Zealand From “The Lord Of The Rings”

New Zealand
Photo by Agmclellan, CC0 1.0

The tourism of New Zealand has really benefited from “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy and exploring this place, you will find that there are tons of travel tours just designed with a theme of “The Lord of Rings” in which you can indulge yourself in a milieu inspired from the hobbits, elves, dwarfs like figures found in this movie. Also there is one more film that is known to be shot here and the name of this movie is “Whale Rider”. The village Whangara in which it is filmed, has a whole excursion tour for those who loved this movie and want to immerse in those locations where it was made! Thus, New Zealand has a lot to offer as a popular filming location and you can find more about this place and its culture through these amazing movie tours!

4. Hatley Castle From “X-Men” Series

Hatley Castle in British Columbia, Canada is actually the location used for creating the exterior set of Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters in X-Men series. Although it was only put in the movie for showing the outside version of the school still it is a quaintly endearing place to visit! The stunning architecture of this castle is the best thing about it and will surely bring back memories of X-Men movies.


5. The Tikal National Park, Guatemala From “Star Wars”

The shooting for the Massassi Outpost rebel base that was situated on Yavin’s fourth moon in the “Star Wars” was done at Guatemala’s Tikal National Park. It was chosen by George Lucas during the time when he spotted this place’s poster at a travel agency in England. If you visit The Tikal National Park of Guatemala, make sure to see the Mayan Temple ruins here as this was the exact place for Yavin IV’s rebel base.


Thus, these places are not only picturesque but have memories and even traces of the popular movies made here. Hence, when the next time you are planning to explore something new, make sure that you add these cinematic wonders to your itinerary and reminisce all those favorite scenes that you smiled, laughed and jumped at during the movies that were shot here! Happy Holidaying!!

Blog Post By: Emily Johnson

Author Bio

Emily loves sharing her articles on many websites and also writers for which is a blog completely devoted to listing the best drones for quality video footages.

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