Only Fools And Horses Robin Flies At Dawn Gulf War Special

This Only Fools and Horses Robin Flies At Dawn Gulf War Special was filmed and broadcast in 1990 for British Troops serving in the Gulf. The actors and crew gave up their time to film the special at RAF Strike Command, High Wycombe. The special was filmed in one day on location. Robin Flies At […]

Where Was The Longest Night Only Fools And Horses Filmed?

The Longest Night was first screened in September 1986. In the episode, Del Boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert get escorted to the managers office on suspicion of theft. However, its all a setup. Once in the office, the supermarket is held up at gunpoint with all three set to be witnesses to the robbery. However, […]

Only & Fools Horses The Sky’s The Limit Filming Mistakes Bloopers

Only Fools and Horses is my all time favourite BBC Comedy, but just like any other TV show, mistakes sometimes slip in during production. Personally I think these mistakes add to the shows personality. In The Sky’s The Limit, early into the episode, Marlene and Boycie are having a conversation in their garden next to […]