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Sources Academic Papers & Journals

During my degree, as with any degree, I needed to complete a large amount of academic research utilising past papers and journals. Below I have listed some of the general source academic papers and journals. Some of which you are probably aware of as they are relatively easy to find. Others are a bit more obscure and took some searching.

If you are aware of any others, please use the comment box below or Get in Touch.

General Sources Academic Papers & Journals

Google Scholar


Oxford Academic

Academic Journals


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How to make just one page in a word document landscape

During my studies and academic work I am often needed to switch the layout of just one page from portrait to landscape. This was usually the appendices section to include site maps. Every time I needed to do this though I had to start again figuring out how to do it as I could never remember. So based on this, when I needed to do it today, I thought I would document it so next time I can just check my blog. So here is a quick post on How to make just one page in a word document landscape.

Quick Instructions – How to make just one page in a word document landscape

  1. Click just after the last bit of text on the page prior to the one you want to make landscape.
  2. With the cursor flashing at the end of the text, in the top tool bar click ‘Layout’
  3. Next select ‘Breaks’ and from the drop down select ‘Next Page’.
  4. Click onto the next page (the one you want to make landscape).
  5. In the top tool bar select orientation and select Landscape.

You should now find that all pages are landscape prior to this page, and this page is now landscape. To go back to ‘Portrait’ after your landscape page/s, you will just need to follow the same steps to add another ‘Next Page Break’

Download Example

I hope you found this post useful. Any feedback or questions, please let me know.

Convert SSL Certificate Individual Files to a PFX file

So I am a great lover of Lets Encrypt and SSL For Free. For those of you who are unfamiliar with those two name, Lets Encrypt essentially provides free SSL certificates for your website. SSL for Free, is a tool that just makes the generation process a little easier if your host provider doesn’t already have a Lets Encrypt setup. It also provides a portal for you to manage all your SSL certificates if you have multiple sites. I have been using both services for a few years to generate SSL certificates for Linux platforms, however this week I needed to generate one for a Windows server. As the certificate gets generated in three individual files, or copy and paste code, I needed to convert SSL Certificate Individual files to a PFX file.

Converting Certificate Files into a PFX file for Windows

So the site that I found to do this is called Decoder.Link. On their site they have a quick and easy tool where you can upload your three individual SSL certificate files generated by SSL for Free. The site then converts and bundles them into a PFX file for you to be able to apply the SSL certificate in IIS on your Windows platform.

To make this process a little bit more guaranteed, I would recommend first generating a CSR on your Windows Platform, that you use on SSL For Free to create your Lets Encrpt SSL Certificate files. Then use Decoder.Link to generate the PFX before installing through IIS > Certificates.

Any problems of feedback, please let me know. I did come across another tool that offers this in my research on SSL Shopper but I did not try this one.

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