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Ten Usability Heuristics

Jakob Nielsen’s ten usability heuristics for U.I Design. They are referred to as ‘heurisitics’ due to them being broad rules of thumb and not specific guidelines.

Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for U.I. Design are:

  1. Visibility of system status
  2. Match between system and the real world
  3. User control and freedom
  4. Consistency and standards
  5. Error prevention
  6. Recognition rather than recall
  7. Flexibility and efficiency of use
  8. Aesthetic and minimalist design
  9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors
  10. Help and documentation

For a breakdown on each of these, I thoroughly recommend this article.

Domains and Hosting

With so many different companies out there offering website hosting and domain registration, it is hard to know who to use. These days there are only two providers that I use for domains and Hosting. Both are UK registered companies with UK based operations.

UK-Cheapest – UK Hosting Provider

UK Cheapest, as the name suggests is a UK based company offering competitive hosting and domain name registration. I have been using UK-Cheapest for around 10 years directly and also have a number of previous clients who also utilise their services.

During my time with UK Cheapest, I have never encountered any billing or account issues. I have had the odd technical glitch over the years, but nothing of real significance. Where technical glitches have occurred, the technical team have always been available and quick to respond. The only downtime I have experienced has also been out of hours, and assume this was maintenance related.

As well as good packages their technical support is also available 24/7. I would highly recommend UK-Cheapest if you are looking for a new domain register or hosting provider in the UK.

Unlimited Web Hosting – UK Web Host

The second company I use for both domain registrations and hosting is Unlimited Web Hosting. Unlimited Web Hosting also has all of its operations based with the UK.

I have not been using Unlimited Web Hosting for that long, around 2 years. It was recommended to me by a colleague due to their excellent packages and pricing.

I currently only have one hosting package with this provider and two domains. During my time with them I have not experienced any downtime. The only technical issue I encountered was when transferring in a .net domain name. However, this was resolved quickly by the support team.

Based on my experiences with Unlimited Web Hosting I would recommend these as a provider. There does seem to be a few different sites using this name, but the one I am referring to in this post is Unlimited Web Hosting.

Prevent line breaks in text area fields

So I came across an occasion where I needed to use ‘TextArea’ fields to allow for more that one line of text, but wanted to prevent users from typing in line breaks or returns manually. So the question arose how do I prevent line breaks in text area fields but allow text to naturally break down to the next line.

After a few attempts I have found away that allows a multi line text area to be used but blocks the user from using ‘enter/return’ or ‘shift and ‘enter/return’. Manual line breaks were breaking a behind the scenes script and causing it to become slightly unpredictable. By using this fix it allows a user to enter the amount of text they require but takes the line breaks/returns out of their hands and lets the software detail with it.

Prevent line breaks in text area fields -Example


<textarea contenteditable="true">
Sample text here.


 $('[contenteditable]').on('keypress', function(e){
    	 return e.which != 13;
    }); $('[contenteditable]').on('keypress', function(e){
    	 return e.which != 13;

Try it in the live code editorJSFiddle

Please feel free to use. If you find it useful please comment below.