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Update: Pace for Papworth 2019

UPDATE: I have been informed by Papworth Hospital Charity that due to the low number of registrations for Pace for Papworth 2019 the event has needed to be cancelled.

As i have already had a significant amount of sponsorship money donated and with the promise of more, I have decided to complete the event independently.

The original event was due to take place on the 6th October 2019. I will be completing the event on the same date but will be completing 10K at Ferry Meadows. The original event was due to take place in and around the Addenbrokes Medical Campus in Cambridge..

10K is further than the original event planned, however I wanted to give myself a little bit of a bigger challenge.

If you were planning on sponsoring me, please continue to do so and help me raise some money for this great hospital. You can sponsor me via the Just Giving link below.

If you were going to take part in Pace for Papworth and would like to join me on my individual 10K, please Get In Touch.

List of UK Air Ambulance Charities

Please find a list of the current Air Ambulance Services in the UK.

Air Ambulances in England

Air Ambulances in Scotland

Air Ambulances in Wales

Air Ambulances in Northern Ireland

If you are of any others not listed above, please comment below.

Filming locations of 2point4 children

2point4 Children was a BBC sitcom that originally aired on BBC One between 1991 and 1999. The show concluded with a special episode to celebrate the Millennium (The Millennium Experience) which aired on 30th December 1999. Gary Olsen died the following September from cancer which ended the possibility of any subsequent specials

In the special the Porters live in Cheswick, Lodnon and are your normal everyday family (hence the name 2.4 Children which was the average number of children per household at the time).

The majority of the sitcom was filmed in BBC Studios, London. However below documents some of the key filming locations of 2point4 children outside of the studio.

Filming locations of 2point4 Children – The Porters House

The exterior of Bill and Ben Porters house were filmed at 142 Duke Road, Cheswick for the first five series. From series 6 on wards this was moved to Meon Road, Acton. Below you will see 142 Duke Road.

Filming locations of 2point4 children
Fig 1. The house on the right is 142 Duke Road, used as the exterior of the Porter House during seasons 1 – 5.

Rona’s House Filming Location

In the sitcom Bill Porters best friend Rona lived opposite the Porters. The exterior’s for Rona’s house in series 1-5 were also filmed on on Duke Road (121), opposite the Porters house.

Fig 2. The house with the blue door was used for the exterior of Rona’s house in series 1 – 5.

View the Porter’s and Rona’s house on street view below.

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