Net seal net animations

Net seal net animations are a set of animations designed to aid in the learning of networking and its components. Networking is ever evolving and requires a mixture of both academic and practice to be able to fully master the subject. The animations were created as a way aiding learning through visualisations of the structures, […]

Sources Academic Papers & Journals

During my degree, as with any degree, I needed to complete a large amount of academic research utilising past papers and journals. Below I have listed some of the general source academic papers and journals. Some of which you are probably aware of as they are relatively easy to find. Others are a bit more […]

How to make just one page in a word document landscape

During my studies and academic work I am often needed to switch the layout of just one page from portrait to landscape. This was usually the appendices section to include site maps. Every time I needed to do this though I had to start again figuring out how to do it as I could never […]