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Pulse Europe 2017

Key Takeaways from Pulse Europe 2017

So, this year I was lucky enough to attend Pulse Europe 2017. It is the first time I have attended Pulse, and for Customer Success inside a SaaS business, I thought it was exceptional. Not only did I learn a great deal, but it was also great to meet people in a similar position. Although we are not there yet, we are on the right track. I learnt so much, but below are my key 10 takeaways from Pulse Europe 2017.

Key takeaways from Pulse Europe 2017

1. To scale, you need to be able to accurately segment your customers.

As much as we would love to give every customer a High-Touch experience, it is not possible to do this effectively over a growing customer base. It is therefore essential that you segment your customers early on into those that require a high touch, medium touch or low/tech touch.

Key Takeaways from Pulse Europe 2017

2. Centralise all Customer Information in one place.
This way everyone in the business know exactly what is going on with every customer if they need too.

3. Have a Customer Journey that is up to date and relevant.
You should always know what point your customer is in with their journey. What are the next steps/milestones?

4. Clearly defined roles with specific areas of responsibilities.
Ensure everyone knows who is doing what? Does the customer know who to contact?

5. Have a Customer Success mission statement/set of key values/objectives.
As well as having a company mission and set of values. It is also useful to have a mission and set of values for the CSM’s. This will help the Customer Success Managers stay focused.

6. Automated touch points based on areas of usage as well as customer journey.
For example. If a client is using a new feature for the first time. An automated email including information (article, video, webinar information) on how to use that new feature is sent-out.

7. Focus and prioritise.
Drill down to some primary objectives and focus on doing these well and not doing them all a little bit, at the same time.

8. It’s OK to say NO.
If a customer is asking for a feature that makes no strategic sense, or is only going to be utilised by a small percentage of your client base, say no. Otherwise, you will end up a year from now with a product you can’t define.

9. Put an isolated channel in place for customer feedback.
Ensure you have a dedicated method in place for customer feedback. Once you have the feedback, acknowledge it and speak to your customer about it. Don’t just gather feedback and store it.

10. Build a good network of peers in Customer Success.
This can be internal or ideally with people in similar roles at different businesses. Share each other’s pain, success and ideas.

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BBC Filming Locations Map

BBC Filming Locations Map

So, as many regular readers will know, I write a lot on BBC Filming Locations from shows past and present.  A lot of my focus is on old comedies, such as, Only Fools and Horses, Birds of a Feather and Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie. Now that I have located a lot of the locations used, I have put together a digital map of them. A BBC Filming Locations Map that I will keep adding to as I find new locations.

BBC Filming Locations Map

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5 Popular Filming Locations in the World You Need To Visit

While many travelers like to visit places which are popular, it’s always good to go for holidays with a special motive like exploring mountains, or relaxing on the beaches. For movie buffs, there are hundreds of places to discover during vacations and if you loved a movie, you will surely go wow over the locations it got shot in. So, here in this article is a list of the top five famous filming locations that you should surely add to your bucket list to enjoy the places where your favorite movie stars shot their popular movies!

1. Budapest from “Dinotopia,” “An American Rhapsody” And Steven Spielberg’s “Munich.”

Photo by Charlemagne, CC0 1.0

Budapest is becoming the favorite location of every director nowadays due to its picturesque beautiful location, low priced labor and discounts availed by the government here. Another great thing about Budapest is that it resembles the streets of London and the scenes shot here with the use of more techie cameras and by employing the world best drones for quality camera footage, can easily be made to look like they were recorded in London and that’s why many directors have been choosing this location for their movies. Another fact about Budapest is that it has been a recurrent location in movies like “Munich”, “An American Rhapsody”, and “Dinotopia,” making it a great place for movie buffs!

2. Paris From “The Vinci Code”

 Paris From “The Vinci Code”
Photo by Tpsdave, CC0 1.0

Paris is already a popular location and watching it in “The Vinci Code” has been a thrilling experience for many! Here in Paris, you can actually go back over Robert Langdon’s footsteps and witness all those sites that you have seen in this movie. For a movie-like experience of your tour, don’t forget to ask your tour guide for the same as there are tons of places to trace here from this movie.

3. New Zealand From “The Lord Of The Rings”

New Zealand
Photo by Agmclellan, CC0 1.0

The tourism of New Zealand has really benefited from “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy and exploring this place, you will find that there are tons of travel tours just designed with a theme of “The Lord of Rings” in which you can indulge yourself in a milieu inspired from the hobbits, elves, dwarfs like figures found in this movie. Also there is one more film that is known to be shot here and the name of this movie is “Whale Rider”. The village Whangara in which it is filmed, has a whole excursion tour for those who loved this movie and want to immerse in those locations where it was made! Thus, New Zealand has a lot to offer as a popular filming location and you can find more about this place and its culture through these amazing movie tours!

4. Hatley Castle From “X-Men” Series

Hatley Castle in British Columbia, Canada is actually the location used for creating the exterior set of Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters in X-Men series. Although it was only put in the movie for showing the outside version of the school still it is a quaintly endearing place to visit! The stunning architecture of this castle is the best thing about it and will surely bring back memories of X-Men movies.


5. The Tikal National Park, Guatemala From “Star Wars”

The shooting for the Massassi Outpost rebel base that was situated on Yavin’s fourth moon in the “Star Wars” was done at Guatemala’s Tikal National Park. It was chosen by George Lucas during the time when he spotted this place’s poster at a travel agency in England. If you visit The Tikal National Park of Guatemala, make sure to see the Mayan Temple ruins here as this was the exact place for Yavin IV’s rebel base.


Thus, these places are not only picturesque but have memories and even traces of the popular movies made here. Hence, when the next time you are planning to explore something new, make sure that you add these cinematic wonders to your itinerary and reminisce all those favorite scenes that you smiled, laughed and jumped at during the movies that were shot here! Happy Holidaying!!

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