Filming locations of 2point4 children

2point4 Children was a BBC sitcom that originally aired on BBC One between 1991 and 1999. The show concluded with a special episode to celebrate the Millennium (The Millennium Experience) which aired on 30th December 1999. Gary Olsen died the following September from cancer which ended the possibility of any subsequent specials In the special […]

Only Fools And Horses Robin Flies At Dawn Gulf War Special

This Only Fools and Horses Robin Flies At Dawn Gulf War Special was filmed and broadcast in 1990 for British Troops serving in the Gulf. The actors and crew gave up their time to film the special at RAF Strike Command, High Wycombe. The special was filmed in one day on location. Robin Flies At […]

Pace for Papworth 2019

After completing the London Bridges Trek (25K) last year, this year I have decided to complete a few smaller activities. The first of which is ‘Pace for Papworth 2019’. If you follow my blog or me on social media you will most likely know that I have previously been a patient of The Royal Papworth […]