James Harding

James Harding

Welcome to my personal blog. My name is James Harding, I live in a small town called St Ives, in Cambridgeshire, UK. I work full time as a Customer Success Manager for a UK based software company. (This covers all aspects on technical support, client on-boarding and overall customer success.

In the past I have also worked as a freelance website developer/designer/editor and some of the projects I have worked on are mentioned in my Portfolio.

I like to keep my knowledge up to date and fresh. My blog serves a range of purposes for me from being able to share information, stories and events, to bookmark useful resources and test out new scripts, queries, plugins and technologies.

It also shares as a platform for me to talk and share information on some of my hobbies such as old TV Comedies, World War 2 and my dogs.

IT wise I have a range of interests and skill sets inĀ  SQL, MySQL, PHP, HTML, IIS, Microsoft Server, Support Desk Systems, Data and Metric Systems, Social Platforms, Web 2 Print Systems and many others, both highly relevant and some obscure ones. For more information on some of these, please visit my Linked In.

Thank you for looking at my blog and please feel free to comment on any posts you find interesting.

Related Qualifications and Certifications

  • BSc (Hons) Computing – Anglia Ruskin University (Pending – Provisional Grade – First)
  • Online Marketing Fundamentals – Google Certified
  • Inbound Certified – Hubspot –
  • E-Mail Marketing Certified – Hubspot
  • Content Marketing Certified – Hubspot