About James Harding

James Harding

Welcome to my blog! My name is James Harding, a UK based IT Professional with a slight obession for dogs and Only Fools and Horses.

A little about me…

Based in the UK, I (James Harding) am in IT Professional working in the industry for a SaaS business. I am married with two dogs and a house in East Anglia. When not working (I do tend to bring quite a bit home) I enjoy seeing friends, family, travel, meals out and spending time with my hounds.

Originally I started blogging back in 2013, however I decided to close this down back in 2017. In 2017, I was not only working full time but also in the last year of a degree. Time wasn’t something I had a lot of, so I decided to close my blog to focus on completing my degree. In some ways I regret closing my blog now, but on the other hand I ended up getting a first class degree. Not sure I would have got that grade if I was still blogging at the time.

A Fresh Blogging Start

My original blog was a mixture of both my professional life, and my personal life. As I am getting back on the blogging ship, I have decided to seperate these. Here you will find my personal life blog, my life, interests, hobbies, travel etc. If you are interested in reading my professional life blog posts, you will find these on my Portfolio site – Foxlite.

So here goes, this is the first bit of content on my new blog but I have plans for lots more. So, as they say: Watch this space.

James Harding