Papworth Hospital Charity

Papworth Hospital Charity

So, one of the main charities that I support is the Papworth Hospital Charity. As the name suggests the charity supports the work of Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Papworth Hospital, let me first tell you a bit about it.

Papworth Hospital

Papworth Hospital is the UK’s leading specialist lung and heart hospital.  Over the years it has performed more than 2000 transplants. It provides cardio thoracic specialism for all heart and lung conditions. Some of the hospitals achievements include:

  • Performed the first artificial heart valve operation on a patient.
  • It was the first hospital in the UK to successfully perform a heart transplant.
  • Performed one of the world’s first beating heart transplants.
  • Europe’s first successful heart-lung transplant and first in the world for the chronic use of Prostacyclin for the treatment of primary pulmonary hypertension in humans
  • World’s first heart, lung and liver transplant.
  • The UK’s first Total Artificial Heart patient discharged home.
  • Europe’s first successful heart transplant using a none-beating heart.

Personal Experience

Although only in my early 30’s I have not only needed to be treated by the specialists at this hospital, but have had to go through cardio thoracic surgery and the recovery also for a lung condition. I’m not going to go into detail, but needless to say I have been a patient of this hospital.

During all my encounters with this hospital, both as an inpatient and an outpatient, every member of staff I have ever encountered here has been amazing. The surgeons are amazing, and unlike surgeons I have come across before in other hospitals, they take the time to understand you and ensure you understand them, the procedure and expected outcome. The nurses are again amazing, very attentive and you can see that their key focus is to make patients as comfortable as possible. The cardio physio’s again are brilliant, understanding of conditions, pains and your limits, supportive and again you can see their passion. The same is said for every single member of staff, radiography staff, night staff, porters, cleaners, cooks and every single person that either works or volunteers there.

I can not thank or praise the staff at this hospital enough. As with many parts of the NHS, funding is always under pressure, which is why I try and do what I can to support this amazing hospital.

Thank you for reading 🙂

The Thin Blue Line Filming Locations

The Thin Blue Line

It’s been awhile since I have written a TV post, mainly just down to lack of time. So, I have decided to do a quick post on The Thing Blue Line Filming Locations.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Thin Blue Line. The Thin Blue Line was a BBC Comedy written by Ben Elton and starring Rowan Atkinson and James Dreyfus. It was a short lived show with only 2 series. Airing on BBC 1 over 1995 and 1996.

Filming Locations

Most of the production was studio made, however there were a few on location scenes.

In Series 1, Episode 4 (Rag Week). The local bank is being held to ransom and it is Rowan Atkinson to the rescue. This was filmed at location on the High Street, Watford, Hertfordshire.


 The Thin Blue Line Filming Locations

The Thin Blue Line


What are Layers in Photoshop?

Layers in Photoshop

What are layers in Photoshop?

Layers work as acetate sheets as used with overhead projectors and are transparent apart from the elements they hold.

How are layers used in Photoshop?

Layers can be used in Photoshop for either holding separate elements forming a collage or images, or separating elements of a single image so they can be separately manipulated.

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