Only Fools and Horses – Licensed To Drill

Only Fools and Horses Licensed To Dril

Only Fools and Horses Licensed To Dril

The Only Fools and Horses episode that has never been on TV, most people don’t know about and until a few years ago appeared to be lost. In 1984 an episode of Only Fools and Horses named “Licensed To Drill” was filmed and shown at various schools throughout the UK from 1984 onwards. It is a short episode where Del Boy believes that Oil is the future and tries to convince Grandad and Rodney. The script was written by John Sullivan and is the last episode made featuring Grandad. The episode is not commercially available but can be bought at Only Fools and Horses Conventions.

You may find clips or possibly the whole episode online, but for the best quality and whole episode you are best buying it at a convention.



Expanded Use Case

Expanded Use Case Diagram

An Expanded Use Case is basically a use case in greater detail.

It can be written essential or real.

An Expanded Use Case will have the following layout:

  • Name – Starts with a verb
  • Description – From the high-level use case.
  • Actors   -Initiator and participants from high-level use case.
  • Type – If decomposed, then super / sub (abstract).
    – Also, primary / secondary, and essential / real.
  • Cross-references – Related use cases and systems functions.
  • Preconditions – Assumptions that must hold true.
    – Stakeholders and their interests.
  • Typical Course of Events – Most important section describes regular flow of events.
  • Alternatives – Exceptional alternatives that might arise.
    * Special Requirements – elated non-functional requirements.
    * Technology and data variation.
    * Frequency
    * Open Issues

Source – Applying UML And Patters – An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Iterative Development, 2nd Edition.
Larman, C (2008)