Where was the house from Keeping Up Appearances Filmed?

Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances was filmed between 1990 and 1995. The program largely focused around Richard and Hyacinth Bucket and their residence.

The external shots of the house were filmed at 117 Heather Road, Coventry, whilst the internal shots were filmed inside BBC Studios.

The house has had an extension in recent years, but the character of the house remains.

Hyacinth Bucket and Richard Bucket’s House – Filming Location.

keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations

Hyacinth House

Birds of a Feather Filming Locations

Birds of a Feather Filming Locations

I have been tracking down one by one the external filming locations for the original set of series from Birds of a Feather.
I have only been able to confirm a small number so far, so if you can help in any way, please get in touch at the bottom of this page.

Location 1

Dorien’s Boyfriend Luke’s Kitchen Shop (Studio Lundquist) and Flat Above. First shown in Series 1 Episode 2.

Birds of a Feather Filming Location Birds of a Feather Filming Location

In the series it is suggested that it is Chigwell High Street, but in fact filmed in Pinner.
Street View Location: 34c High Street, Pinner HA5 5PW

Birds of a Feather Filming Locations

Location 2

In Series 1 Episode 3, Tracy goes to a Midland Bank Cashpoint only to find she has no money.

Birds of a Feather Filming Locations - Bank Birds of a Feather Filming Locations - Bank

This was also filmed in Pinner, just around the corner from Luke’s Kitchen Shop.
Street View: 2 Love Ln, Pinner HA5 3EG


Birds of a Feather Filming Locations - Bank

Location 3

External shots for Maidstone Prison.

Birds of a Feather - Prison Birds of a Feather - Prison Location

All the external prison shots were filmed outside Maidstone prison.
Street View: Maidstone Prison – County Road, Maidstone


Maidstone Prison - County Road, Maidstone

Location 4

Sharon and Chris’s Cafe.

Birds of a Feather Filming Locations Birds of a Feather Filming Locations

The external shots for Sharon and Chris’s Cafe were filmed just across the road from Elstree Studios, Borehamwood.
Today their cafe is a Domino’s.
Street View: 203 Shenley Rd, Borehamwood WD6 1AT


Birds of a Feather Filming Locations

Location 5

In Series 2, Episode 11 Darryl and Tracy have a night away. However, they can’t get Darryl back to prison in time and have to call for help from Sharon and Dorien.
Sharon and Dorien come to Darryl and Tracy’s rescue in the car park of ‘The Jolly Farmers’.

Birds of a Feather Filming Location Birds of a Feather Filming Location

This was filmed in the small district of Ridge, EN6. The pub has been renamed in recent years and is now called, ‘The Old Guinea’.
Street View: The Old Guinea Crossoaks Ln, Ridge EN6 3LH


Birds of a Feather Filming Location

Birds of a Feather Filming Location

Location 6

In Series 2, Episode 15 the girls go to The Antique’s Roadshow.

Birds of A Feather Filming Location Birds of A Feather Filming Location

This was filmed at Winston Churchill Theatre on the grounds of Manor Farm.
Google Maps Location: Manor Farm, Pinn Way, Ruislip HA4 7QL

Birds of a Feather Filming Location


Can you help with any of these or other Birds of a Feather Filming Locations?


Where is DalenTrace? I think it maybe in Pinner, anyone know?

Birds of a Feather DalenTrace Birds of a Feather DalenTrace





New Years Day on the Island of North Ronaldsay – Guest Post

North Ronaldsay

North Ronaldsay

New Year’s Day

​It’s a North Ronaldsay tradition, that on New Years Day at around 3 in the afternoon, we gather around the standing stone, at the edge of a field with a mysterious neatly cut but off-centre hole. I’m not sure anyone really knows what this standing stone or the hole is about but every year we anoint the hole with a dram!

Once everyone has arrived, we hold hands in a circle around the stone with a bit of accordion music, played by an islander to keep us in time! We go around in one direction, then change, we might do this a couple of times, depending on how cold the accordion player is getting!
After the dancing, we’ll pass around every bottle of whiskey that’s been brought and take a nip from each one, I was pleased to discover that it isn’t an old wives tale that a tot of whiskey warms the cockles! After 3 nips, I was pleasantly warm again, so we went for another turn around the stone!

North Ronaldsay North Ronaldsay

Finally breaking up and making our way up the island to the home of Ian Scott; North Ronaldsay’s born and bred artists, sculptor and co-organiser to some of our biggest social events through the winter months.
I’m reliably told that 20 people attended the dance, all of which partook in a dram and some cake at Ian’s, a few people came later and there would’ve been people coming and going for much of the day. It’s a lovely cosy atmosphere for bringing in the New Year, tucked up around a roaring fire, a dram in one hand and a selection of cake, biscuits and crackers making the rounds.

Not to toot our own horn but when North Ronaldsay puts on a doo, we do make an effort and that effort has been translated through the generations, as was obvious last night with native islanders, kids and grandkids of native islanders, incomers, friends and family of the incomers all gathering together to see in the New Year together. It’s really quite an incredible thing that so many people from different walks of life have woven themselves into the fabric of this small island and it’s traditions. We’ve all thrown our lot in with the natives and incomers that have come to mean the world to each other.

The connections made through life define us and I’d wager there are few places left in the world where such a strong sense of community still lives. On this 5 mile long island, with a population of 50 or so, everyone knows each other, everyone knows each others business, every aspect of our lives is interwoven into everyone else’s and because of that unity, the people who live here will never be just fellow islanders, we’re family.

Read More about North Ronaldsay – www.northronaldsaytrust.com

Blog Post By: Sarah Moore @ https://islandontheedge.wordpress.com/